About Michael


Thank you for checking out my photoblog.

My name is Michael. Born and raised in Central Massachusetts (USA), I have lived in Los Angeles, California (USA) for over twenty years.

I took up photography as a hobby in early 2009 using only a point-and-shoot camera and processing my shots with Photoshop Elements. Much of the pictures on my photoblog were taken at horror conventions, alternative burlesque shows, zombie walks, and unusual art shows in the SoCal area.

Lately my emphasis as a photographer has been on street art and murals in the Los Angeles area (particularly the Little Tokyo Arts District and the business district on Melrose Avenue).

My primary influence on me as a photographer is William Mortensen's The Command To Look, which is an invaluable book about the psychological forces behind great photography and great art.

You can hit me up on Twitter: https://twitter.com/grokmypixels