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Gentle Swastika ?
22 November 2014

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Finger Puppets
3 September 2010

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Clowny Hound
24 May 2010

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Bei Bei
28 February 2010

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Collage Artist
13 July 2009

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Lowrider Trio
7 June 2009

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Killer Klown
27 April 2009

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Cactus Planet
15 March 2009

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Fire Across the Water
5 February 2009

Recent Comments

franz on Shred Your Worries
Terrific! This blast of colours is what I need on this dismal grey day ... ;-)

omid on Shred Your Worries
:) Lovely colors !!!!!

omid on Relaxing At the Fake Beach
:) such beautiful composition, colors, lights & elements! Lovely!

omid on Violent Times (4)
wonderful series!

Chetan on Violent Times (2)
Very apt title. Lovely capture.

Steve Rice on Violent Times (2)
Quite amazing!

omid on Violent Times (2)
wonderful series!

omid on Violent Times
wonderful shot!

Mauro Brando on Deadly Duo
Nice portrait!

Curly on Deadly Duo
I like it :-)

LauraS on Deadly Duo
You share very interesting a colorful images!

Harry on Watching
excellent art photo

mauro brando on Sunset From My Window Seat
Wow stunning colors!!! Great shot!!!

Lai Chan See on Sunset From My Window Seat
What a fantastic view. Beautiful colours.

B. Thomas on Wilde Spaniel

omid on Wilde Spaniel
:) Lovely street art!

omid on Eye Of Ra
:) Lovely!

Shahin Bahremand on Red Bird
nice art

beach on Let Me Be Your Valentine
Happy Valentine's Day.

Gérard on Let Me Be Your Valentine
In Egypt, the god Taurus was the symbol of physical strength, fertility and sexual power......

Dany Kervran on Let Me Be Your Valentine
Amour vache, il faut oser ! Belle prise de vue.

omid on Building Blocks
:) Lovely colors & details!

Shahin Bahremand on Building Blocks
good shot

omid on Sprocket
such beautiful frame, colors & textures! Amazing art!

Harry on Bush '43
next assignment: Donald Trump

Robert D. Burr on Bush '43
Ha ha.....everything from a personal perspective.

franz on Bush '43
How cool (and true) is this? And all he got was an 'F' ?!?

beach on Bush '43
Ha ha!

Harry on And That's The Way It Is
but is it my reality or yours?

beach on And That's The Way It Is
Great sign

k@ on Wilting Point
Wonderful work, bravo !

Lewis on Post No Bills
Excellent Bill Murray poster, happy holidays )

Dimitrios on Post No Bills
merry Xmas, all the best , kind regards Dimitrios

noella on Padoum
What does Padoum mean? Is it a proper noun? Sanscrit? please help!

kabus021 on Delirium's Muse
so spacial

kabus021 on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
love it

kabus021 on Ethereal Conjurings
strret art & graffiti is my life

Shaahin Bahremand on Things That Are Awesome!
well done

franz on Things That Are Awesome!
he, he ... what else is there to say? adam leaves nothing out ... ;-)

Michael Rawluk on Presidents' Day
That is funny!

Shaahin Bahremand on Presidents' Day

beach on Presidents' Day
Ha. This is too funny.

franz on Wilting Point
wow, what a find! her make-up fits right in with the flowers !!!

franz on Presidents' Day
why this hilarious 'homework' should get an F is beyond me ... what a great find! ;-)

Marie-France on Wilting Point
superbe prise !

arash on Delirium's Muse
great shot

omid on Delirium's Muse
very nice work! such beautiful frame, colors & textures!

Shaahin Bahremand on Delirium's Muse
good shot

Elaine Hancock on Tattered Relic
This image has lot of meaning in different ways. A great find and wonderfully photographed!

omid on Tattered Relic

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